Specialty Systems of South Bend, Inc. is the largest privately owned abatement company in the Michiana area.      SS-SB has the credentials and strengths to maintain its leadership in the abatement industry. Since 1992, the SS-SB abatement company has completed  thousands of projects for industrial and commercial companies, hospitals, schools and government agencies throughout the region.

We have established ourselves as a leader in the abatement industry in Northern Indiana and Western Michigan. Our top-down commitment to quality and safety is the basis by which we approach each abatement problem. Whether we are doing a small emergency removal project, or a multi-phase million dollar project, the benefits to our customers are the same ...... service that is responsive, answers that are accurate, and customers that are satisfied. Anything else would be short of our goals.

Experienced Workforce:
SS-SB maintains an extensive employee training program from top management down to our field employees. All field employees are not only certified as required by state regulations, but SS-SB provides continuing education programs for professional development. We have a high retention rate of key employees which translates into quality workmanship and superior customer service. 

Quality Assurance:
Our internal quality assurance program requires regular inspections to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local regulations concerning job safety and work practices.

Facility and operational productivity are key concerns of SS-SB. We have successfully completed many projects in occupied and operational facilities without impacting owner operations. Through shift work and weekend scheduling, we can accommodate critical turnaround times and demanding schedules. SS-SB also offers comprehensive 24 Hour Emergency Service.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage, a true occurrence form with no asbestos exclusions.  Superior Equipment, our state-of-the-art equipment for safe, cost-effective abatement services.

The high quality of service we offer has allowed Specialty Systems of South Bend, Inc. to build an excellent track record with a wealth of satisfied customers. A list of satisfied Specialty Systems of South Bend, Inc. customers is available upon request.